Slavery in the 13 colonies

Where Slavery first began

The slaves were being shipped to North America where Jamestown Virginia was in 1617.It had first started with Anthony Johnson he was the first black free man who owned property in Virginia.Some few years later he got married to a African American named Mary and had four children.Johnson and his wife were already free from slavery and some other slaves too.In Virginia they already had some laws the law was," if a mother slave had a child then the child would be enslave".Then in 1665 Johnson decided to move to Maryland where he had gotten a 300-acre of plantation.In Maryland they did have slavery.In five years later Johnson had died.The Government had decided the land Johnson left behind could be seized by the Government because he was a "negroe and by consequence an alien".

The Colonies that had Slavery

In connecticut they had slaves but they had more slaves than any of the colonies, they had (6,469)slaves.The people could only have one to two slaves, but then the law started to change and minesters, doctors, lawyers and public officials could how many they want.New York had started salvery in 1626 when 11 Africans were unloaded by the Dutch West India Company.Then they went to Africa to go buy some more slaves, they had bought (6,900)salves.Delaware didnt have alot of slaves but then Dutch a person decided to change everything.Dutch had went to Africa to buy some slaves. For Dutch the main purpose for him was to make Delaware better and to grow crops.In 1641 ,Masssachusetts became the first colony to recognize slavery.The slave population in New Hamphire started to drop from 674 to 46.So then in the year 1783 the state constitution had decided to let the slaves free,the people thought it would be fair and that is when they had ended slavery.In New Jersey they had an offer for people 60-acre of landper slave,for any man who impoted slaves in 1664.William Penn the founder of Pennsylvania had allowed slaves, Penn had owned slaves but the rule was "for then a man has them while they live".Rhode Island had started slavery in the year 1652.It was the only New england colony to use slaves for labor and trade.North Carolina had about 6,000 slaves.The slaves from north Carolina were being sold to South Carolina because they had a large plantation.